~2nd Winter Dance Party, January 28, 2016 ~

Stepsheets & Demos For Dances Taught

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Following is a summary of dances we will do on 1/28/16, assuming there is time for them all.  The following is a summary of dances we will be doing and supercedes the list below it (with stepsheet and video links).

Beginning Dances

All My Exes

American Kids

Ghost Train

Jo & Jo’s Tango

Jody’s Thang

Lemon Tree

Southside Shuffle

Texas Cha Cha

Trav 4 Corners

Tush Push

Waltz Across Texas

Intermediate Dances

A Table for Two

Boys Round Here

Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Java Jive

Love Letters


Moonlight Cha

The Outback

Rum & Coca Cola

Silk & Satin

Something in the Water


Advanced Dances

Back To Black

Beast of Burden

Bobbi with an i

Cheatin’ Myself

Let It Be

Over The Rainbow

Simpler Times

Smokin’ Tango

Still Love Me Tomorrow

Sunset Stampede

Beginning Classes

All My Exes (int), Chor: Janine DeLaGrange (USA) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo ~ Review (not exactly the way we do it, but close enough)

American Kids (beg) ~ Chor:  Randy Pelletier ~ StepSheet ~ Demo & Review

Ghost Train (beg) ~ Chor:  Kathy Hunyadi (USA) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo ~ Review ~ Circle formation (at 1:00)

Jo ‘n Jo Tango (beg), Chor:  Jo Thompson (USA) ~ StepSheet 

    ~ Choreographer’s TeachDemo

Ms Jody’s Thang (beg) ~ Chor:  Ed Williams ~ StepSheet ~ Demo

The Lemon Tree (beg) ~ Chor: Kim Ray ~ StepSheet ~ Demo ~ Walk Through

Southside Shuffle (beg) ~ Chor: Donna Aiken ~ StepSheet

    Demo & Contra compliments of our Palo Alto Class!  Demo ~ Contra

Texas Cha Cha (beg) ~ Chor:  Unknown ~ StepSheet 

    ~ Demo our Palo Alto class!

Traveling Four Corners (beg) ~ Chor:  Unknown ~ StepSheet

    ~ Review ~ Demo

Tush Push (beg), Chor: Jim Ferrazanno (USA) ~  StepSheet 

        ~ Must See Demo ~ Review ~ Contra-Circle Formation

Waltz Across Texas (beg) ~ Chor: Lois & John Nelson (USA) ~ Stepsheet

    ~ Demo ~ Walk Through

Intermediate Classes

A Table for Two (int) ~ Chor:  Ozgur “Oscar” & Muruvvet Takac (Turkey)

    ~ StepSheet ~ Demo

Boys ‘Round Here (adv) ~ Chor:  Helen Born & Nita Lindley

~ StepSheet ~ Demo

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (int) ~ Chor: Dee Musk ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo & Walk-Through

Java Jive (Int) ~ Chor:  Hedy McAdams (USA) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Choreographer’s Review

Love Letters (int), Chor: Hedy McAdams (USA) ~ Stepheet

    ~ Demo with choreographer (back row)

mmmBop (adv) ~ Chor:  Kelly Kaylin ~ StepSheet ~ Demo

Moonlight Cha (int) ~ Chor:  Tira Argyle ~ StepSheet ~ Demo

The Outback (int.) ~ Chor:  Gordon Elliot (Australia) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo  ~  Rounds

Silk & Satin (int), Chor: Evelyn Khinoo ~ Demo and Run Through

Something In The Water (int) ~ Chor:  Niels Pouleson ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo and Review (review begins at 3:00)

Telepathy (int) ~ Chor:  Chris Hodgeson ~ StepSheet ~ Demo ~ Walk Through

Advanced Classes

Back to Black (adv) ~ Chor: Hedy McAdams (USA) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Choreographer’s Review (clean) ~ Best Amy Video (explicit)

Beast of Burden (adv) ~ Chor:  Roy Verdonk (NL) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Walk Through ~ Choreographer’s demo

    ~ Choreographer’s demo & Review

Bobbi With An I (adv) ~ Chor:  Rachael McEnaney (UK) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Choreographer’s Demo (Excellent!) ~ Demo and WalkThrough

Cheatin’ Myself (adv) ~ Chor: Guyton Mundy (USA) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo

Let It Be (adv), Chor:  Rachael McEnaney (UK) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Choreographer’s demo ~ Demo and Walk Through

Over the Rainbow (adv) ~ Chor:  Gayle Teather, UK ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo

Simpler Times (adv) ~ Chor:  Neil Hale USA ~ StepSheet ~ Demo

Smokin’ Tango (adv) ~ Chor:  Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Chor’s Demo ~ Run Through starts at 3:26

Sunset Stampede (adv) ~ Chor:  Ian St. Leon (Australia) ~ StepSheet

    ~ Demo from France

    ~ Local Variations (Country Quicksteppers, San Francisco Bay Area)

Still Love Me Tomorrow (adv), Chor: Rachel McEnaney (UK)

    ~ StepSheet ~ Choreographer’s Demo ~ Run Through at 3:22

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